Tuesday 14 October 2008

Forthcoming Metalheadz 12" -Justified/Envy

This should come out between now and Febuary if all goes to plan. We are linking up with Goldie soon to tighten up the mixes before going ahead with the release and are waiting on Eveson to complete the artwork...

Fabriclive 44 - Commix

We're currently working on the mix... due out in Febuary 2009...

Future Sound Of Cambridge Part 3 - Trademark LP

We've been working on this project for a while now and it will be coming out in November this year.. Here's what Hospital Records have to say about it:

Starting life way back in 2004 as a humble doublepack idea to showcase the new wave Cambridge talent, and spawning such anthems as Logistics’ “Together”, The Future Sound Of Cambridge series has become something of a jewel in Hospital’s crown. Over 12000 EP sales later, Hospital believe it’s high time to unleash this CD album of cutting edge future sounds.

Featuring 11 brand new exclusive tracks, this full-length project showcases a cohesive and distinctive sound from 3 of the hottest producers around. Oft copied, never bettered, Commix, Logistics and Nu:Tone have carved out a niche for themselves as purveyors of next level, high-brow drum & bass which smashes up dancefloors like never before. Metalheadz current hot property Commix return to Hospital after their massive “Call To Mind” LP, alongside Nu:Tone and Logistics, who can now count two top-quality albums each in the Hospital catalogue.

As well as anthemic cuts from the Gresham brothers Nu:Tone and Logistics - “Balaclava” and “Cosmonaut” both lighting up the sets of High Contrast - and Commix’s left of centre cuts “Bear Music” and “Rack-It” (already massive with Fabio,) the 3 have collaborated on a trio of absolute stormers: “Coffee”, “Ghost Snare” and “Soundbyte” illustrate just why they are so revered as producers.

Be True [Burial Remix] - Music Video by Evan Cagle

Some of the sketches for the animation..

You can check out more of his stuff here: http://hypermirage.blogspot.com/